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2014: The Year of Going All the Way

Recently I was at a theme park with a bunch of people who we all thought loved roller coasters and adrenaline. But, as we went from ride to ride, we quickly realized that a couple of the people in the group were scared of riding the roller coasters.

scared of rollercoasters

I’d be scared, too.

We tried all sorts of logic to get them to ride: the fact that you won’t get hurt at all, the fact that it’s super fun and they’re missing out on memories, or that them not wanting to ride was slowing down the group.

It didn’t matter what we said, they just would not go on the coasters, no matter what. And it got me thinking about irrational fears.

How many times has hesitation stopped you from getting something you really wanted? It could be anything: not asking for a raise because “there are other people more worthy” than you, not asking for a girl or guy’s number that you like, even not asking for a discount at the coffee shop because it’s “weird.”

I missed out on most of my childhood because I was too scared to act, and only in the last year or so have I gotten better at going for things I want.

The way I found to get over that kind of fear is the same way you get over the fear of roller coasters: you just have to do the thing that scares the crap out of you.

Last year I slept on the street because I wanted to know what it was like to be homeless. I also flirted with one new girl a day for 30 days. I got a job and negotiated a raise and met several people that I really look up to, and now I’m building relationships with them.

If I never got past the hesitation, none of those things would have happened. Now, I want to go further, and I want you to improve at the same time.

So, 2014 I’m calling, “The Year of Going All the Way.” That means going from whatever level you’re at to your ideal self in one year.

From now until the end of December 2014, me and a couple friends will be listing out all our fears and every barrier that’s been limiting us, and tackling them one by one, doing one new challenge each week to destroy the barrier.

My first fear is sending out guest posts. I know I should be doing it to grow this email list, but I’m just not doing it. So my challenge for week one of next year is to reach out to six bloggers with ideas for a guest posted article. If that doesn’t work, week two of 2014 will be spent sending out between 12 and 15 of the same sort of emails. After that, I’ll tackle the next item on the list.

I really want you on this journey with me, and I can keep you accountable. Send me an email about the biggest fear you have about your future, about success, or about what’s holding you back from becoming your ideal person, and I’ll keep in touch until you conquer it in 2014.

Let’s do this together.


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