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26: Still So Young

This might be the first birthday in recent memory where I don’t feel like complete shit. I’m taking heavy steps toward my dream job to work in entertainment: got a great project that we’re working on and actually feel like I have a little direction.

X27 is running basically by itself and supporting everybody on the team. I’m dating again, living in LA, and things generally seem pretty great.

When I last wrote a birthday update, I had just fired our first employee, and was unsure of the future of the company.

Now, I just got back from a conference where tons of people said how great the youtube content is, and I’m on my way home from working on a project at a comedy studio that I’ve wanted to visit for years.

In the last year I’ve met a lot of heroes, nearly everyone I admired in college, and connected with a ton of them on a personal level.

Also, I bought a building in the last year, and began to set myself up for financial freedom. The youtube channel grew from just under 1,000 a year ago to almost 8,000 subscribers now, the team at x27 is pushing 14 contractors, and Robert is a killer CEO.

Now is when I’d like to start settling down when it comes to dating.

Feel like I’ve played around a lot in the last few years, and while some would say 26 is too young to think about the future like that, I see the enjoyment that my little brother gets when he talks to his kids on FaceTime, or my older brother gets when his kids go to soccer games, and it’s clear that life’s all about family. Especially once you get your basic monetary needs covered.

Which surprisingly took very little. I can easily live off $2000-$3000 a month. And if I moved to Romania, $1000 a month meaning I’m already technically retired.

So that financial freedom has changed my mindset a little bit, and family is the next push. Which means serious dating, and marriage ideally sometime in the next two years.

Up until I took the chairman position at x27, the year was kind of hell: we went through a lot of churn with clients, had multiple people threaten to sue us, and delayed both me and Robert’s salaries multiple times. It’s more stable now.

I moved from Wichita, down to Florida, was in Romania for a month working on a pilot for Entrepreneur, and on a lot of great podcasts.

It’s been a ride, but life is shaping up pretty nicely at the moment.

I look forward to my next birthday, and hope you’re having a good day too.


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