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3 Important Questions That Will Improve Your Cold Emails

In today’s video I want to run through three important questions that will improve your cold email campaigns and that got our sales guy 10% response rate.

One of the new sales guys on our team came back with an initial draft that does a lot of what you guys send when you send me cold
emails, where it follows every rule that we talk about but there’s stuff off about it.

So in this video, I want to run through the questions that helped
him improve his campaigns and get a 10% response rate, and that should ideally help you.

So here are three questions you should be asking.

#1 Am I lying? [0:41]

Is there anything in this email that would jump out as untrue to somebody who knows what they’re doing?

#2 Is my data clean? [3:32]

Make sure there are no weird spacings or anything. The other two things to look out for are misspellings in the actual email template
or grammar errors. And then any additional text on the company name you’re sending out to, like LLC, Inc., or having it written in all caps.

#3 Does my email make sense when read out loud? [4:37]

It’s a simple question, but you’d be surprised at how few people actually read their emails out loud and ask themselves if it makes sense, knowing nothing about the company.

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