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4 Crazy Businesses You Could Start Tonight

I was talking to a friend yesterday who wanted to meet a B level celebrity but he didn’t know where to find one, and that got me thinking about entrepreneurship and business ideas. Here are a few that I thought of; start one of these and you could make a billion dollars by next Wednesday.

Because you're worth it.

Because you’re worth it.

1. Robot Chipotle
Chipotle’s having a hard time with their branding so the fast casual industry is primed for disruption. To do that, start a regular burrito shop except have robots make the burritos. The technology already exists, just take a robotic vending machine and train it to serve food. That’s it, then we’d be living in the future.

And what a future it will be.

And what a future it will be.

2. KickStarter for Charities
Not sure if this one exists or not, but you could make a platform where somebody posts what they’re going to do for charity, and people donate money to that cause. You wouldn’t even have to reward users with gifts, just give them karma points or make it into a game.



3. LetsLunch for Interesting People
hate doing the same thing everyday; sharing the same ideas, working the same hours, and talking to the same groups. If only there was a way to meet a lot of diverse people from different industries.

Besides a gangbang.

Besides a gangbang.

This business would be a lot like Meetup, except these users would be vetted so only cools were allowed.

4. TMZ for Politicians
Just get a bunch of cameras to follow senators around while they talk to lobbyists and make the news, then take a pink marker and comment on the pictures Perez Hilton style. Like a non-boring C-SPAN. Build it in six months and sell it to AOL for $20 million.

Artist's rendering.

Good move, Obama.

What about you, do you have any crazy business ideas?

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