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Cards Against Humanity: The Undisputed Champion of Publicity Stunts

Today we’re going to look at how Cards Against Humanity $4000 Kickstarter campaign in 2010 turned into one of the best selling games of the decade through some highly original publicity stunts.

You might have heard in the news recently that a card game company, Cards Against Humanity, bought a plot of land on the US-Mexican border in an attempt to undermine Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall.

If you’ve never heard of Cards Against Humanity, it’s tag line “a party game for horrible people” neatly sums up what it’s all about. Players try combine cards to create the most offensive answer they can, with the focus being on being funny, rather than on winning. It delights in being politically incorrect.

So, what’s the secret behind their promotion? They barely spend anything on marketing so the creators have managed to create an incredible amount of publicity by channeling the humor of the game into their business practises.

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Kickstarter: Putting the Crowd in Crowdfunding – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU1YIHGg-t8

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