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Following the Rules

Challenge: Make $100 A Week

I realized something today. I say I’m an entrepreneur, and I start companies, but none of them ever pull in any money. Instead of just talking, I’ve decided to take action. Welcome to Make Money Week.

How to plan to make money in one week

It’s time to stop dicking around and finally make that first hundo.

Here are some rules so you can follow along at home:

A Week Of Making Money:

The goal of this week is to make $100 through entrepreneurial means. You can do anything to get the money as long as it requires selling yourself or your ideas.

What This Week Is Not:

This isn’t about going out and finding a job at Jimmy John’s, nor is it about begging your parents for more money.

No, for one time in your life, you’re going to get out there in the world and figure out where you can provide value.

It really is that simple: provide value this week and you’ll succeed, if you provide no value YOU FAIL.

The Plan:

Right now the game is wide open. I have no idea what people will pay for, but I’m willing to try anything.

Here are a few ideas to get you started this week:

1. Set up a lemonade stand on campus

Get a table, install Square and sell everyone’s favorite sugary beverage to people passing by.

2. Run around to restaurants and do consulting

You’re good at something, I bet. Figure out what it is and then use it to make restaurants more money.

3. Type articles online

A few sites will pay you to write blog posts. If you’re into writing or spreading your ideas, this could be an easy way to make a few dollars.

4. Be a stripper

Just call your local strip club and offer to take off your clothes and hop on stage. Everyone loves a stripper with balls.

Play this game with me:

If you want to join me on this quest to make $100 in seven days, feel free to post here and tell me how you’re doing.

Make Money Week can take place any time of year so don’t let the date scare you off, even if it’s been months, I’d still love to hear about your progress.

Also, make sure to subscribe by email to stay posted on the daily series.


And here’s what happened tomorrow.

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