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Following the Rules

Day Five: Please quit sitting on your ass all day

It’s day five and today all I did was click on surveys over and over again. It was repetitive, didn’t use my skills, and left me feeling drained of energy.

The goal of a sweet hundo is visible, but still far off.

It’s fun to do experiments and build your entrepreneurial skills, but you won’t know unless you try.

The worst part about blogging is that it’s just me up here, talking to you, and it encourages mindless consumption.

You’re not just a consumer, you’re a doer, so quit just watching me achieve, and go surpass me. I WANT YOU TO DO BETTER!

Stop playing video games or watching interviews all day, and start selling something. Make Money Week might not be the most entrepreneurial use of your time, but at least you’re getting used to trading value for money.

Tell me in the comments or on YouTube: How’s the week going for you so far?

And here’s what happened the next day.

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