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Following the Rules

Day Four: Early slippage and a bolt of lightning

I lied to you yesterday.

Well, lied’s a bad word I just posted too soon.

After yesterday’s update, I went out and made SIXTEEN MORE DOLLARS through entrepreneurial means!

Some freelance site, Textbroker, approved me, and I just went crazy writing blog posts.

They shut me down after five because they need to be “checked for quality,” but I wrote all the articles I could.

The surprising thing is what happened next:

After making fourteen dollars, I saw how close I was to $20 and this thing kicked on and I was just like “I could make six dollars right now.”

So I found this tutoring website and did some kid’s homework for six bucks. It’s crazy how ingenuity can kick on when it needs to, and the extra money can just flow in.

If only there was a way to turn on that moneymaking drive in the beginning instead of when it’s needed.

Today, it’s Tuesday, I didn’t even get anywhere NEAR my quota. Made four dollars from a Fiverr gig, and that’s it.

Tomorrow’s gonna be better, I had a lot of classes today and got a little lazy, but the end of the week is quickly approaching: only THREE DAYS LEFT!

So I’m really gonna have to bring it if I’m ever gonna see that hundo…

Tell me how you’re doin’ in the comments and we’ll talk tomorrow.

Check out the next day.

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