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Following the Rules

Day One: Marshmallows and failure but I’m all out of marshmallows

It’s day one of make money weeeeek!!!

Today I applied for jobs on eLance and Freelancer. Just trying to get my name out there, really trying to get people to hire me to do things.

I also recorded a lot of gigs for Fiverr to see if I could deliver value that way, but so far I’m getting no bites.

None of it worked out in day one, but I feel like I planted some good seeds and that they’ll grow later.

Starting make money week on a Saturday might not have been a good idea because it’s hard to pull in money when everybody’s off for the weekend.

Tomorrow will be more of the same probably because it’s Sunday, but after that the money train should be rollin’ and Make Money Week will finally make some progress.

Did not make the goal of $14.29 today, but I’m still trudging along and have only lost a little bit of motivation.

How is your day one going?

Here’s what happened the next day.

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