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Following the Rules

Day Seven: A smooth swift lumpy hundo


It happened. Made a hundo.

This whole week in the back of my mind the fear was like “you’re not going to make it. Fourteen dollars a day that’s crazy! How you gonna do that?”

Guess what. I DID IT, BRO. Made a hundo.

The cash was mostly just for show. I billed a hundo, but haven’t gotten all the money in yet. I just wanted to see a hundred dollars. Before this, I’d never actually held a hundred bucks in my hand before.

If you haven’t done this, I recommend going to the bank, withdrawing a hundred dollars and looking at it. It breaks the digital barrier most of us feel now.

There’s something magical about money: the look, the feel and the smell of it. It’s all so great and probably a huge driving force, but we lose out when we store money online.

POST YOUR SUCCESS STORIES HERE. If this blog isn’t helping you it’s worthless.

If you didn’t make a hundo this week, what was holding you back?

If you did make one, what did you learn? How does it feel to be a hundredaire?

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Day Seven: A smooth swift lumpy hundo