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Following the Rules

Day Six: The drain of piecework and how to deliver value

Yesterday when I was doing a bunch of surveys there was this voice in the back of my head saying, “This isn’t what you want to do… This isn’t how you should be making money. What are you doing, man? You’re wasting your time here.”

But today I did Fiverr gigs and homework and actually delivered value and it was fantastic.

So the lesson here is DELIVER VALUE! Do something you love and make sure it’s not something a twelve year old kid in Indonesia could do just as well as you.

Pick something that you’re good at and that you can master, and I’m doing the same thing.

That’s why I want to start a REAL company, and that’s why you should too. Make your own work and pick something where you can really solve problems.

Even if you have no idea what it is, just pick SOMETHING you’re interested in and go do that for a week.

It’s just a week, bro. You aren’t gonna die…

What’s your biggest takeaway from this? Did you learn anything?

Check out the final day.

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