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Following the Rules

Day Three: How’s it feel to be rich?

WOOOT!! Made my first dollar. Uhhh son. Uhh son. Uhhhhhhh sooooon. Four dollars from a Fiverr gig, made money writing copy. Love copy because it made me money (see how that association works?).

Starting to get some passion. Feels. Pretty. Freaking. Good.

I also called a bunch of those real estate agents to try to book myself as an appointment setter and got denied by all of them. That sucked, but I’m learning to take rejection which is an important entrepreneurial skill so WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOOOO!!! (That’s me cheering; just imagine a train or something).

Yeah! I’m just so excited. I’ve never made money like this in my entire life and even though it was just $4, it’s great to jump over the entrepreneurial hump.

It feels sooo good to put something out there and get money in return. Somebody valued my ideas. Sure, it was only four bucks but that’s a start… FOUR DOLLARS just for my ideas!! Makin’ money feels so damn good. Keep me posted on your progress.

And here’s what happened the next day.

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