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Following the Rules

Day Two: Is it Possible To Fail Three Days In A Row?

It’s day two and I’m sorry to say I did exactly the same thing I did yesterday. –Alex Berman

All I did was post freelance jobs. I feel entitled and I think that if I keep posting people will eventually hire me, and that’s the wrong mindset especially when Friday is fast approaching.

I did end up buying a copywriting course but returned it because it wasn’t very good.

While you might be having second thoughts about your chosen industry, when you start winning, you’ll start loving it because that’s how passion works.

If that’s true, you should see a nice progression later when the money starts coming in.

My plans for tomorrow:

Call some real estate agents to do appointment setting and really get the ball rolling as soon as Monday starts. Tomorrow I’m gonna hit my quota for sure.


Have you made any money yet? Tell me in the comments.

And here’s what happened the next day.

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