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Following the Rules

How to Deal With Getting Robbed

About a week ago, while I was at work, a gang of hooligans ran into my house, opened the unlocked backdoor, came in and stole my laptop, among other things.

Everything I had was on that computer: old files, archives, and it’s all gone now.


Now I have to use an iPhone to watch the new Aziz Ansari.

We don’t really see thing’s like this coming. I know when I plan my life out I don’t plan for cars to break down or people to bust through the back door and grab things that they don’t own, that just isn’t how I think.

Maybe it’s time to start. 

Ramit Sethi wrote about how he created a “Stupid Mistakes” bank account, where he figured out that bad events and mistakes cost him about $5,000 a year, so he tries to save that much money to cover the stupid mistakes.

I liked the idea, but never put it into action because nothing bad had ever happened to me.

This year though, I’ve been robbed, jumped, thrown out of bars, and almost had my identity stolen multiple times.

I’m losing a lot of the invincibility feeling. People say that teenagers feel like they’re going to live forever, and it’s not a stereotype: I’ve felt that way for a looong time.

Logically I know it’s not true, but it takes a big event happening, like getting your things taken, to put it in perspective.

Tell me in the comments: is there something you know you should be planning for, that you aren’t because you don’t want to deal with it?

Maybe it’s time to start.


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