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Following the Rules

Use this technique to DESTROY bad habits and live a better life

In March of 2012 I would wake up in the morning, go to class, and then drive to McDonalds and buy an ice cream sundae, a cheeseburger and fries.

I felt like crap doing it, but no matter what I did I would always end up back in the McDonald’s drive through, my mouth covered in artificial chocolate and my stomach aching from the chemicals.

big mac

Pictured: Food?

I had enough of the bad habit, so I took the weekend and flew across the country to hang out with my family for three days. While away, we ate out a little bit, but NEVER fast food, and I made a plan for how I was going to eat when I got back.

I planned out everything: the 5 meals to eat everyday, the times I was going to cook, and how they’d fit into my schedule.

I even wrote out grocery lists so I knew exactly what to buy and when.

After I came back from that break, my body reset, and I went back to HATING fast food.

Habit destroyed.

If you have a habit you just can’t get rid of, then give this habit breaking technique a try.

Here’s how it goes:

The Full Reset

1. Buy a plane ticket for a short vacation, you can use an app like Skyscanner to get the cheapest rates, just make sure it’s two days or longer. Also, book a hotel room if you need it.

2. Next, buy all the necessary supplies for your new home life: a workout mat to put near your bed, healthy food to stock your fridge, and an alarm to remind you to work at a certain time. Then, throw out all the bad stuff in your house.

3. Now, go on the vacation, and while you’re there, do whatever your hosts do. Eat when they eat and WHAT they eat, work when they work, and sleep when they sleep.

Don’t worry about whether the vacation habits are good or bad, the trick is to get your body used to doing a full reset.

When you get back home your habits will be a blank slate. You’ll slot into your changed surroundings the same way you did on vacation, and your bad habits will be easier than ever to break.

I’ve used this in the past to read more, eat better, and work out regularly. Right now, I’m taking a break from NYC to see family in Dallas, and I’m using the time to get myself off Chinese takeout.

What could you use it for?


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