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Following the Rules

How to Get Into Meditation

Meditation was the challenge this week in the year of going all the way.

This week I meditated for 5 minutes the first day using Buddhify, something I’d been hesitant to do in the past.. and then I meditated for 10 minutes the next day.

The third day was a  bit tough because 15 minutes was such a long time to be meditating, and by the 35 minute run on Saturday, I knew  I was devoting more time than I could handle to meditation.

guy playing video games

Besides, I have stuff to do..

During the shorter meditations though, I felt more relaxed, and got to a level  I hadn’t experienced during any of the previous times I’d tried to do it. I think it had a lot to do with Buddhify and the way the app was setup — it made getting into meditation a lot easier.


The result is that by forcing myself to meditate every day for a week, I can now see myself incorporating 5-10 minutes of meditation a day into my schedule.

Last week I never thought I’d be able to get into meditation, and now not only do I see it as a possibility, but I now exactly how many minutes I’d start with, and how it would look.

We all have fears, and things that are holding us back, but very few people write out what their fears are and then make a consistent effort to conquer them.

If you’re one of the people that can do that, you’re going to end up on a different plane from everybody else, and these weekly challenges are a great way of getting you to that point.

Let me know in the comments: What is one fear you’re facing, and what could you do next week to conquer it?

I’d be honored to hold you accountable — just email me.

This week’s challenge?

“I could never write a post for Cracked.com”

I read a lot of blogs, but my favorite time waster is Cracked. In high school, I’d split my time between playing World of Warcraft and reading that blog, so it would be a pretty big emotional win getting published there.

It’s also one of the biggest comedy sites on the internet, and they only publish six posts a day from a countless number of submissions, so this will be the hardest challenge this year so far.

But, this week I’m going to do the writing, and get a post featured on Cracked.com.

Now, to get to work…


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