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How do I get into reading?

A big question I asked myself for years was “how do I get into reading?”

I had a friend who was really into books, and he seemed like the smartest guy ever, and of course I wanted that for myself. I tried reading books, but they were too hard and I didn’t really understand the value.

gold bars

“When’s the trash guy coming to pick these up?”

One day, I got fed up with not being into reading, and decided to power through one of the hardest books I could find, Antonio Demasio’s Self Comes to Mind. I ended up reading the book in two hours; I don’t remember any of it, but powering through opened my eyes to the joy of reading; it really made it seem doable. That year I went through more than 250 books on Marketing, Psychology, persuasion, biographies, scifi and fiction. Sometimes all it takes is pushing through that first obstacle.

In order to get you into the excellent reading game, here’s a video I made listing out the three reasons why people don’t want to read, and why each of those reasons is bullshit. Watch this video to help you get over some mental barriers you may not know you have, and get you into reading books.

Good job watching the video! Let’s recap the three hangups most people have when getting into reading:

1. “There’s no reason to read!”

If you don’t think there’s a reward in reading, Goodreads.com will turn it into a game for you, and if you’re really competitive and want to beat your friends, Goodreads is perfect for that. Try to beat my 271 books read!

Ryan Holiday writes in his reading list that if you read two or three biographies, you’ll be smarter than all your friends because nobody reads, and I completely agree with him. That’s way you need to start reading before your friends do.

2. “I don’t have time to read!”

Audible helps you with that because you can listen to audiobooks anywhere. Instead of spending hours on Skrillex, or whatever you listen to, try the Abraham Lincoln biography. It’s the same process, but you’ll get more joy in the longrun, and you’ll absorb more than if you didn’t read at all.

3. “Reading is too expensive!”

If you don’t want to pay for books, there’s always Piratebay. In the video, I go over how to get Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week for free, but you can grab any book on there for the most part.

Once you read a couple, you’ll realize how much information is in each book, and it won’t really phase you to pay $8 for somebody’s life experience.

As soon as paying for books doesn’t phase you anymore, that means you’re into reading! Once you’re into it, you’re on the path to greatness.

Now go back to Youtube and thumbs up this video, jerk.



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