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Following the Rules

How to Avoid Work in Group Projects

This week I’m doing something different, it’s a video post about how to avoid being the guy in group projects that ends up doing all the work at the last second.

A cute elephant.

Elephants don’t look like this.

The problem is in every group there’s always one person that does all the work for the rest of their team. This video will show you how to not be that person; great advice if you’re in high school or college and want to learn how to avoid being that guy.

Hope you liked that. If you want me to make more videos in the future, comment and be like “KEEP DOING IT ALEX, YOU’RE THE BEST!”

To recap, here are the five ways to avoid having to do all the work in a group project:

1. Set up a culture of achievement early on.
2. Spend time getting to know each of the group members.
3. Keep in contact.
4. By the end of the first meeting, have set goals.
5. Don’t be the goof willing to do all the work.

Following all these steps will make you the group master, and you’ll never end up having to do all the work ever again.

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