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How to Ask for A Coffee Meeting (Working Email Scripts)

A lot of people asked me how I got a job at a startup two weeks after moving to New York City knowing nobody, and I always have to tell them that the secret is meeting people for coffee.

Scalding hot coffee.

Scalding hot coffee.

The next thing they ask is “how do you just email random people? Like, how do you find them? what do you say?”

In the video below I answer both those questions. Watch it and you’ll see how to:

1) Find out what company your dream company is.
2) Find a target at that company to meet and discuss what your dream role could be.
3) The kind of email that will force them to respond.

Here’s the video that will help you contact anyone and get them to meet you. Enjoy!

To go over that again, the process is:

1. Go to Google.
2. Search for companies in the category that you want, and if you don’t have job titles at this point, search for job titles you might be interested in.
3. Go to LinkedIn and search for the name of the company and the job title.
4. Find a person on the site and find something in common.
5. Throw their name into Gmail, guess their email address.
6. Write a snazzy email. Here’s the script again:

Subject: Hi From Alex
Hey Penelope, saw your profile while doing research on LinkedIn. Noticed you were an analyst for JP Morgan Chase. Also noticed you went to Harvard, some of my best friends went there! I’m on the search for my dream job, and it be great to sit down and ask three questions about your experience working for Chase.

Are you free on Thursday afternoon or Friday for a quick coffee meeting?

Alex Berman
212 807 2121

P.S. I know you’re probably busy, so I can send the questions via email if that would be easier.

7. Send the email.
8. Do it again twenty times or until you get a response.
9. Go to the interview; don’t be a goof.

Congratulations! Being unemployed is no longer an excuse, so go out and crush it.


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