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La La Land: Nostalgia Marketing

2016’s La La Land was a huge critical and box office success, picking up six academy awards and making almost $450 million in the box office, despite a $30 million budget. And although it’s set in the modern world, this is a warm look backwards and plays on one of our most powerful emotions: nostalgia.

The movie itself is a love letter to classic Hollywood, full of song and dance set pieces and a storyline all about making the bigtime.
Nostalgia plays a huge role in society, not just in the media we consume but in the products we buy.

Nostalgia is so powerful because it’s actually very personal, even though we’re talking about things everyone has experienced. One movie or song can mean many things to many people; from an early childhood memory, to a first date, to a lost friend and so on.

Nostalgia’s power lies in the way it can use very common, very public ideas, media and themes to create completely personal feelings in each person.

And this is a marketer’s dream. The whole challenge of marketing and advertising is how you sell your idea to every customer, without speaking to them individually. You need to make the message impactful but still accessible to a diverse audience.

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