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Following the Rules

What was the last thing you MADE?

I love how people write about starting a blog like it’s hard . It isn’t. The hard part is getting used to showing friends what you create without wanting to die.

Here’s how you start a blog: start writing, and put that writing up so other people can see it. That’s it. There’s no need for a course that teaches you HOW to do it. It’s straightforward, and most of the work isn’t even that hard!

Pool Party

Pictured: writing this post.

I sit around too often. I hide from my problems. I get sad and stay in bed when things don’t go right.

I’m really good at taking action, but I’ve also gone long periods of time without creating ANYTHING, here’s how it happens:

I’m in my room browsing Reddit or watching YouTube videos instead of sending emails. I’m consuming content instead of creating, and the cycle builds on itself. I go on Cracked to check the latest articles. Then, I’m obsessively checking for notifications Facebook.

Back when I played video games I used to lose years doing that, now it’s only hours or days…..

BUT, writing this is giving me a second wind.

Creating this ART is helping me succeed in LIFE.

While you’re reading this, I’m writing emails to 17 people I cold emailed with no response last week, and this time we’ll see if they get through.

So, go create some of your own art, even if you think people are going to laugh or steal your ideas. Make a video, write a song, draw a picture, do SOMETHING to separate you from everyone else.

Making one thing and posting it where all your friends can see it will do more for your confidence than 1,000 self help books or gurus.

All it takes is hitting Publish. What are you waiting for?


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