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Following the Rules

Neville Medhora Interview on how to charge what you’re worth, do crazy challenges, sell notes in college, make money from an email list, and find high value clients (plus, win a NevBox)

the Nevbook

I first heard about Neville Medhora when I saw a video of him in a tuxedo crashing billionaire’s parties. He’s a master at running life experiments, learning key things, and then using those insights on larger projects.

Neville also writes copy for AppSumo and runs NevBlog, a blog about kopywriting, where he gives free information on how to sell more using words, and his 60 page book, This Book Will Teach You to Write Better, currently has 5 stars on Amazon, and is THE quickest way to improve your written communication.


The Big NevMed

I’d say half the experiments on my site are direct homages to him, so it’s awesome to have him on Following the Rules.

How to Charge What You’re Worth and Find High Value Clients

Neville is the definition of a top performer, and in this section we learn about the mindset shifts that happen when you start charging what you’re worth, and we learn how he closed his first multi-thousand dollar contract. We also go over how to fire clients and talk about working with family.

How to Sell to an Email List When You’ve Only Been Sending Blog Posts

With HouseOfRave, Neville had the largest online rave supply company in Texas, and he got there by writing amazing emails.

Here we talk about how to monetize your email list, sell to a list of people that’s never bought from you before, write promotional emails for a B2B type company, and how to get over the fear that everyone is going to unsubscribe if you start selling to them.

Neville’s Mindset When Approaching Challenges and How to Sell Notes in College for Extra Money

Neville is an experimenter: from being homeless for a weekend on the streets of Austin, to crashing fundraising events, to starting an affiliate marketing site, he loves testing and trying new things.

Here we talk about why that is, and learn a bit about his thought process going into each challenge. We also go over how college kids can sell their class notes and make a bunch of money from lazier students.

That was Neville Medhora. He has a new book on copywriting and how you can use it to help people see the value in what you sell, and buy more from you. If you use writing in a professional setting AT ALL, I urge you to check it out. It’s less than 100 pages, but every one of them is gold.

the Nevbook

Paper coated gold.

Win a NevBox:

Neville just sent me a NevBox, his $97 limited edition letter series on kopywriting, and I’m giving it to you for free! You can’t buy these anymore, so this is a rare chance to get your hands on the valuable content inside.

To win, leave a comment with ONE lesson you learned from the video and how you’re going to apply it in your life, and the most valuable insight left before November 23, 2013 wins the box!

I look forward to reading your responses.


P.S. I know you know someone who could learn from one of these videos, so do us both a HUGE favor and send them the video you think will help them the most. We’ll both love you for it!

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