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Following the Rules

Our Enterprise Outreach System (Cold Call and Cold Email Work Reports)

In this video I run through the actual document that our cold emailing and cold calling team uses for reporting every day. ⚡ Grab the template: http://bit.ly/2ocm6zo

What we did to create this process is I talked to our best cold caller, cold emailer and took her entire process. Made her write it out, day by day, and translated it into this Google document.

It’s set up like a video game.

And the way that you use this is each one of their four clients is on its own column.

Right now the sales guys put this in manually, but in the future our
project manager will check the inboxes on their behalf and put in these numbers.

⚡Grab the doc to use this for your own team: http://bit.ly/2ocm6zo

Feel free to give feedback below. Anything you’d change about this process? Or implement it for your team. Let it go for week or two and then leave feedback.

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