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Use This Strange Trick To Find And Reinforce Your Passion (Video)

A couple weeks ago I sent out a survey asking what you wanted to improve about your lives, and a full 50% said you wanted help finding your passion or direction.

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Passion is a driving force when you can find it — it’s great to have something that makes you want to get up in the morning and work on it.

But it’s not like that most of the time — usually we like a subject for a little while, and give up on it, only to jump to another topic and do the same thing a few months later.

If only there was a way to test several passions quickly before we have a chance to give up…

Introducing The Passion Blender Technique… a strategy you can use to find and develop a passion in weeks instead of years

Here’s how I used it:

A couple years ago I was trying to get into indie music and, no matter what I tried, could not understand why people liked it — I’d listen to some of the tracks and just didn’t get it.

Then I found a podcast called All Songs Considered that features a group of people talking about how great indie music is and playing interesting songs.

After listening to a couple episodes, I started to hear differences in the music, and it wasn’t long before I was listening to indie music nonstop, and writing my own songs.

Within a week, I went from knowing nothing about independent songs, to loving the topic, and I still listen to it two years later!

It's all about finding high quality sources.

It’s all about finding high quality sources.

…And Marketing

A few years ago I wasn’t into business at all, until one day I read the Four Hour Workweek.

Afterwards I read a couple blogs about business, tried a few things and watched interviews with Ramit Sethi, Andrew Warner and Noah Kagan.

I started to see marketing from all different angles, and pretty soon I was hooked.

How Can You Develop A Passion?

Here is The Passion Blender Technique, a system I created that you can use to find and develop a passion for pretty much any subject.

In it I outline the process I used to develop a passion for marketing, indie music, learning spanish and playing guitar, and plan on using a lot more in the future.

Enjoy, and use it to find your next passion.

Here’s How To Use
The Passion Blender Technique:

  1. Browse through Amazon Books and look for a topic that catches your eye
  2. Once you find one dive in. Find a book the same way.
  3. After you find a book read the first three pages in the preview — if it sucks, go back to step one. If you like, it keep reading, you just found the seeds of passion
  4. Browse Google for book and movie lists on the topic you just found
  5. After finding a couple good books on the subject, reach out to experts on the subject for more guidance
  6. Put as much media about the new subject into your head as possible — books, movies, interviews and songs
  7. If you get bored of the topic at any time, go back to step one and try again

Try it out, and let me know what passion you develop!

If you used this and got results, email me and tell me all about it!

Also, if you have any suggestions on other topics you want covered, my inbox is always open. Feel free to email me here.

This is the email script from the video:

Subject: Quick question

Hi Michael,

What’s one book, movie or talk that changed the way you thought about computer programming? I’ve already looked at Code Complete and The Pragmatic Programmer, but would love to get more info on the subject.

Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated!


Alex Berman

Author, http://followingtherules.com

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Here’s proof the email script works — thanks, Noah!


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