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Following the Rules

Story Time! A Day In The Life

I was just reading the Rolling Stone’s list of best Beatles songs, and noticed the number 1 spot belongs to A Day In The LIfe. This is how I think it went down:

Two men in their early twenties meet outside the student union.

Hank: “What? You don’t know about the Beatles?”

Willie: “Oh I know about the Beatles.”

Hank: “Oh yea? What’s their best song, then?”

Willie, a man who wants to be liked, feels out Hank for opinions.

Willie: “What do you think their best song is?”

Hank, wanting to talk about himself, is rearing to reveal.

Hank: “Actually, it’s a Day in the Life.”

Willie: “Oh, cool, do you have it on record?”

Hank: “As a matter of fact, I do.”

Hank and Willie walk to the record cabinet. Hank spies Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, reaches into the case and pulls out the collage-covered record. He blows a patch of dust from the surface.

Hank places the record into the turntable and sets the needle to the right track.

Willie: “So this is the best they have?”

Hank: “Shhh!”

Hank puts his finger over Willie’s mouth to silence him.

Hank: “Just let the music take you away.”

The claps and acoustic guitar chime out of the record player and the soft piano whistles out like a child on his first day of elementary school.

Willie is taken aback. His first Beatles experience enthralled to this minor chord filled sweet song. The smooth melodies, musical experimentation, the transition of lyrics from light to dark and a subconscious need to be liked give Willie just the push he needs to fall in love.

A week later, Willie, a raging Beatles fan, happens upon a fellow who would also love to be liked. The same experience as before happens: Willie plays A Day in the Life for this new man and the new guys loves the song, too.

The cycle continues until the writers at Rolling Stone hear about this song. They have opinions on all the Beatles songs, but the popularity of A Day in the Life has matured to the point where it’s become a known fact amongst critics, many of whom started working because of their love for the Beatles. Because they shared a similar experience with the song A Day in the Life, every notable critic agrees the song is The Beatles’ magnum opus and the Rolling Stone publishes it as fact.

Either that or it’s just a great song.