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Following the Rules

Why Talk Radio is a Waste of Time

First I want to congratulate Eugene Yee  for having the best comment on last week’s Neville post. Great job Eugene, enjoy your NevBox!

Right now I’m in Florida helping a client improve their selling systems, and I’m borrowing a car for it, and every time I get in the car, the default setting turns the radio on to NPR.

Now, past Alex wouldn’t see a problem with that: there was a period of six months in 2011 where I did nothing but listen to This American Life and other podcasts while laying in bed, and I even did audio engineering for an NPR show, so what changed? I finally realized that it’s better to choose content myself rather than have it picked.

Un centavo mas.

Unlike tomatoes.

Surface Level Learning

For the last couple days on NPR they’ve been honoring John F. Kennedy’s assassination, so all radio’s been about that, and yet everybody they’ve brought on, even though they’re experts and have six or seven years of their life dedicated to researching JFK, only get one or two sentences each to talk about it.

Compare that to the fact that if one of us had just gone and downloaded an audiobook about the Kennedy assassination by even just ONE of the people on the station, we would have learned MORE THAN 15 TIMES what was covered in the entire week long segment on NPR.

What To Do Instead

If you’re going to spend your time listening to people talk, it’s better to pick the topic and make it about something interesting TO YOU than it is to listen to a bunch of sound bites and experts talking on the surface level.

Recommendations For Life After NPR

The last great audiobook I read was called Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan, and it was about all the different elements of cooking. Another one that I really liked was The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets, and it was about subtle mathematics jokes in the Simpsons, which is something I never would have read like three years ago, but I picked this one up, and it was actually really good.

Check those two out, and start your journey away from talk radio.


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