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Following the Rules

The Next Challenge: Become a Farmer

Ever since I posted the Homelessness Experiment last week, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback, and it’s cool to sit back and reflect.

This is the first project I’ve done where people cared enough to leave either positive or negative comments, and it feels really good. I want to do more projects like the Homelessness Project, because if you get somebody so mad that they write a four paragraph critique, something has to be right.


Or very, very wrong.

A couple people thought the post was offensive to the homeless, while others saw it as a personal development project. I agree with the latter; sometimes you just have to do something crazy to make your life better.

Pushing yourself to extremes sucks in the moment, but what gets created after is so cool and so worthwhile that it makes the whole thing worth it. I took blank pages, went out into the street, starved a little bit, had some experiences, and came back with a post that was one of my most popular ever. It’s mind bottling.

I want to go back into the streets; this time not as a homeless person. During the last experiment, I wrote about how easy it would be to get a job at the Farmer’s Market, but I was only theorizing. This Saturday, I actually want to make it happen. I want to show how possible it is to take yourself from having no options, to being on the road to employment; it would also be fun to become a farmer for the day.

For some reason this project worries me more than the homelessness project, but it’s still going to happen. I’m pulling out my phone right now.

For this Saturday on my calendar it says “Go to the farmer’s market at 8 AM Saturday, ask if one of the stands could use help.” Now it has to happen.

Wish me luck.


P.S. What’s your challenge? Do something cool and send me an email with the story. It would be awesome to hear!

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