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Following the Rules

The Street Race

I was walking down the sidewalk and I bumped into an incredibly attractive person. They were perfect – flawless hair, clear skin, stylish clothes – I was awestruck.


“You look fantastic!”

We locked eyes for a second and they were out of my life.

I looked up and saw the Paramount Pictures logo painted on the side of a truck.

Things are always so perfect in the movies.

They had just gotten done with a car chase, gunfight and car crash combo right in front of Penn Station. A film crew turned the street into a crime scene; cop cars swarmed, traffic smashed into itself and the street was littered with glass and car parts.

The cameras stopped rolling and a group of three people came to clean up the street.

While an incredible event transpired in front of a hundred people, on the corner waiting for the roads to open up was a banker, furious he had to wait an extra five minutes to get home.

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