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Following the Rules

Watching TV is the New Reading

Seth Godin just wrote about how Netflix releasing House of Cards all at once was a bad idea and I don’t agree. What Godin overlooked was that the release wasn’t set up like a TV show, it was set up like a book.

A book with boobs.

Starring Kevin Spacey.

Netflix wants people to slowly devour House of Cards like they did with Hunger Games, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or 50 Shades of Grey. For those books it didn’t matter that everyone was on a different page or at a different point in the story, they could still bond and connect over the characters.

And the nudity.

Like this guy.

I finished House of Cards in two days and it was pretty good, but I was at the General Assembly happy hour a few weeks ago (a great place to meet people by the way) and met a kid who’d only seen two episodes. We were still able to bond over the show, and the conversation made him want to watch more.

Godin writes how consumers choose content for themselves instead of big media picking what they see and  how nobody connects over mass media anymore, but people have always been able to bond over books, and episodic TV series like House of Cards have no expiration date. I mean, kids in high school are still watching Arrested Development and talking about it like it’s new years after it got cancelled.

Maybe that’s what Netflix is banking on.

What do you think, was this a good move?

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