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Following the Rules

What comes after the hipster?

We’re all adults, and we can choose to do whatever makes us happy. If the ultimate goal in life is to be doing what you love and be loved by the people you care about most, hipsters have it pretty good. The ones I’ve seen love being different and feeling like they’re better than others, and they do it with eclectic dress and unusual taste in music and food.

A hipster

This is a what I’m talking about

While a lot of them vilify each other, there are still hipster communities, and since it’s easy to pick a hipster out by his clothes, they do tend to flock together, but it seems like Hipsterism has been ripped apart by blogs and other people and, as much as members of the group don’t want to admit that they care what others think, I’ve noticed a notable decline in their number recently.

some buildings

Brooklyn in May 2012.

Hipsters are on the way out, so what’s going to be next? I’m sure whatever it is has already started to come together. There are hundreds of underground countercultures, and more are created everyday. They’re all waiting around now, waiting for the right magazine article or the right celebrity endorsement to push their group from grimy nothing into mainstream popularity. Right now they can enjoy their obscurity, but any good movement grows, and our culture has always had some group that defines the decade. In the nineties it was the college grad at the coffee house, in the 80s it was the punks, the seventies saw the disco fans and the sixties had hippies, the fifties had the straightedge teenager, and the 2000s had the hipsters. What’s coming in the 2010s? While we can’t tell just yet, I’m sure whatever’s going to define our decade has already been created, we just need to wait a little longer.

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