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Following the Rules

Why Now is the Time to Take Action

Note: This is part six of a multipart series on getting permission and why now is the best time to start a business (especially if you’re still in college). You can start from the beginning here.

No more permission, be all you can be

Some people are stuck because they are waiting for permission to act on their novel urges; they want permission to run with their ideas, permission to change the world. Well, here it is: go out and do it. I’m begging you to act. Without you, the future will be shitty and bland and more of the same.

Permission is a thing of the past, there is no more use in waiting around for somebody to tell you when the right time to take the leap into entrepreneurial life is: the answer is now. Now is the right time, now is the best time, and now is the time you have been waiting for. Every single person would love to see us move into a brighter and more glorious future.

The Earth’s population is seven billion people, and all of them are just waiting for somebody to come around and make travel easier, or fix the population problem, or even to take us into space. They are waiting for someone to save them, and whoever does will be

Rev. Martin Luther King, head-and-shoulders po...

MLK freed the slaves, will you free your ideas and let them run?? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

rewarded with glory, fame, money, and the joy that comes from making a difference in the world. More importantly, all seven billion people on this planet are waiting to create a legacy for their savior. Steve Jobs became a huge celebrity when he revolutionized the music player and the cellphone. Martin Luther King gained traction and got a holiday when he marched for civil rights. Abraham Lincoln has a cult following and shows up in every single post apocalyptic fantasy game thanks to his freeing of the slaves. Nobody gave these people permission to take action, but the world was waiting for them the whole time, just like the world is waiting for you.

What’s holding you back from starting a company?