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Why Pirate Bay is Awesome

Compensating authors for their work is important, but lack of funds should not stop your education. Go create your own reading list.

Library at Alexandria

Money is not a barrier for knowledge. The poor, at university, use scholarships to pay their tuition. In the same vein, the poor (or underfunded) deserve access to digital education for free. Torrenting is great because it opens you up to this.

Knowledge is too important to put a price on. Top performers are crazy about books, and might read 5-10 per week. Realistically, that means either spending $4000 a year or pirating.

You have access to more information than any other human in history, and not being able to afford it is no excuse. You can pay for books when you make enough money, but don’t let lack of funds hold back your education.

If money isn’t stopping you from reading, what other excuse do you have? Tell me in the comments.

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