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Will disco ever come back?

Disco was a trend in music just like grunge, metal or punk, that sprung up sometime in the 1970s. The genre focuses on keyboards, high vocals, and a persistent dance beat. When it came out it sounded completely different from anything else thanks to its electronic nature and uniform sound. But is it completely dead? The short answer is no.

Saturday Night Fever

I’ve never seen this movie.

The strong dance beat that disco pioneered became the back beat of songs in house, dance, and dubstep. Vocals melodies were picked up by pop, and the 1980s saw the humble keyboard transformed from high pitched squealer into instrument of the people.

In the 20s, bandleaders used to get up in front of full orchestras and sing jazz. In the 1960s singing in front of the same group would make you a crooner, and during the 1990s the same type of music became ska. Genres don’t die, they simply disperse. But does that mean nobody makes real disco anymore?

The bosstones

Modern big band music.

A quick jump over to Wikipedia reveals a genre called nu-disco which, like it’s cousin nu-funk, seeks to grab disco from the warm embrace of the seventies and drag it back to life. I hop on over to Youtube and type in Classixx, one of the artists linked on Wikipedia, and find out the music isn’t that bad. They’re an indie band, so you need to get over the learning curve, but once you get about 40 seconds in, the song grabs you.

Musical genres never die, and artists grab inspiration from everywhere. It’s gotten more obvious now that we have the internet, but music is vast and different, and it’s going in a good direction.

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