Following the Rules

A Tireless Salesperson You Don’t Have to Pay

Google doesn’t care how many hours you spend tweaking your SEO…

If you don’t follow the rules, they’ll kick you out and never think twice.

How can a small business owner ever find the time to generate new leads, keep up with all of Google’s hard to follow SEO changes, and still have a moment of free time?

Stop struggling to make money with apps and let me show you how to create an app that works for you, even while you’re sleeping!

Mobile apps are, by far, the most popular method for consumers to access the internet. If your business isn’t front and center on iTunes and the Google Playstore…

…you may as well not even be in business.

But where do you start?

I’m glad you asked.

Start following the rules… and lead the way.






“You were on the money with an assessment of the client’s mindset. So kudos.”
– Dom Tancredi, Dom & Tom
“We did implement the Facebook ads and it went really well we managed to get as low as $1 per install and like $0.13 per fan page like versus $16 per install before. We are still tweaking to lower the install rate but it’s been working well so far.
— Pablo Rivera, Toplist
“I appreciate discussing [web strategy] with an agency that has some clear ideas about what they’re doing, and pushing envelopes.”
— Timothy Buckley, Ctrl+Alt+Del