Following the Rules

I’ve generated millions in B2B sales over the course of my career

Generating leads and closing business, no matter the industry, can be difficult. The digital agency space is vast, and getting leads presents its own challenges so I founded Experiment 27. An agency focused on optimizing your digital agency’s sales cycle and empowering the inbound marketing strategies.

Before focusing on digital agencies, I worked as the Director of Marketing at Dom & Tom, a NYC mobile app development company and three-time INC 5000 agency winner. I’ve worked with Tyson Foods, Power Rangers, the Emmys, Peritus, esPronto, Sprout Content and many others.

I am now President of Experiment 27, network video partner for Entrepreneur Magazine and a host of Digital Agency Marketing podcast.

If you want to, I can show you exactly how to:

  1. Leverage cold outreach to win the buyer’s trust
  2. Book meetings with enterprise companies
  3. Tap into what your prospects want
  4. Create and manage outbound campaigns that convert
  5. Form amazing industry partnerships
  6. Go beyond the current number of your inbound leads
  7. Test for business growth and revenue lift
  8. Use tested strategies to spearhead a future-proof growth

I’m happy to answer all your questions.


Alex Berman

P.S. I have a document template I’ve made to track the cold emailing and cold calling efforts. If you’d like me to send it to you, enter your email below:

P.P.S. You can watch my videos here.